DSC02173My kids were not particularly inclined towards music or any musical instrument, and had bad experiences with their first piano teacher. It was a right decison to put them under the coaching of Ms Chia as her patience and dedication has pulled them through the up-hills which could have so easily caused us to give up. Thanks, Ms Chia!”

Michael Lai, parent of Kar Wai n Kar Lonng

Sophia-Kelly“We have tried out different teachers and various music schools over the past 3 years, and Ms. Chia is certainly the most patient and dedicated one. Her professional expertise and enlightening teaching skill have help my daughter arouse interest in piano tremendously. As a parent, I am totally appreciative of her generosity to sharing teaching tips with me so as to help my daughter make greater progress.”

Kelly, parent of Sophia

Vera“Hi Annabella, just a note to say a big Thank You for the endless patience you have for Vera! She thoroughly enjoys your lessons! Best part is she is now developing such a love for not just for piano but for music on the whole! Keep up the awesome job!”

Flora, parent of Vera

Jane nin“Ms Chia is a very patient and nice teacher. She always tries her best to ensure my daughter understands what should be achieved. Shes tries different ways to let students improve in their playing. Thank you so much for being a committed piano teacher.”

Aggie, parent of Jane nin

Evan“感谢Ms Chia 这八个月来对Evan的帮助!之前有两个老师教过他,没什么成效。自从谢老师教后,Evan的弹琴有质的飞跃!谢老师跟其他老师的不同之处是:她是在教学生,不是在教家长。她教学生自己会弹琴,这样家长没有那么大的压力。她能因才施教,为学生选择最适合的教材,给学生适当的进度来循序渐进。这半年多,Evan的乐感和节奏感进步非常大。他有如此的进步,都是谢老师的功劳。希望他们继续保持这种默契,更上一层楼!谢谢!”

Mrs Wu,parent of Evan

Xinyi“Our daughter has been a student of Ms Annabelle Chia for several years now, and we are grateful for all she has done for my daughter. Ms Chia is a dedicated teacher who engages students in music. She believes that the motivation a student has to do well in an exam should come from the student’s own passion in music, hence she makes the effort to keep her pupils interested in music. Besides coaching my daughter on the requirements necessary for the examinations, Ms Chia also teaches my daughter other songs she is keen to learn, and has provided extra scores for my daughter to attempt. Annabelle’s flexibility and varying methods to accommodate different learning styles, different parental expectations is commendable. She provides opportunities for recitals among her students during festive seasons, this is extremely creative for Ms Chia to provide this platform for her students. It has been such a joy for our family  to have children playing and appreciating music. Annabelle is patient and encouraging tutor. Learning is fun when there is no pressure. And I credit that change to Annabelle for cooperating with us for not given my daughter additional stress. More importantly, Annabelle’s method was working to nurture my daughter’s enthusiasm. She often would play with the piano when she is tire of her schoolwork. Annabelle is patient and knows how to engage a busy student and have a great time with her at the piano. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a cooperative, kind, dedicated and patient piano teacher. I am very grateful to Annabelle for whatever my daughter has accomplished. I would recommend her as a piano teacher to people out there who believe that learning music is not just for the certificates but to appreciate the beauty of music. I feel we are very fortune to have Ms Chia as a teacher and a friend.”

Mr and Mrs Chong